Marktown & a note about this blog


This afternoon, I published a blog post, Marked for Demolition in Marktown, on Chicago Patterns. If you’d like to see and read about all the buildings facing demolition in Marktown, click through.

Chicago Patterns is a group blog focusing on the built environment of the Chicago region. I’m excited that I will be contributing regularly going forward. I have obviously not had much luck marshaling my focus to produce content lately, but I think joining forces with a successful blog, and alleviating myself of any obligation to administer the site or worry about branding, will help inspire and motivate me to write more regularly.

So what will this blog be? I’m not entirely sure. I will certainly continue to post content that isn’t a good fit for Chicago Patterns – writings on other topics, personal ruminations, other projects, travelogues…I have a few ideas. I do intend to resurrect some content here from pre-2009 (when the site was hacked and everything from 2003 on was lost). I have lately regained access to some of that content, and among all the angsty teenage drivel, there were some real gems. Watch for future posts where I mine that material.

In fact, something I wrote back in 2008 on this blog seems apropos, though I have ultimately made a different decision than I made at that time:

This blog has an identity problem: personal blog or Chicago photobikegeekblog? The answer is, and will remain: both.

I owe an apology to some of my longtime readers (*waves at Rockers out there*), who I’ve bamboozled into reading a blog that’s mostly photos of Chicago and rants about local issues. All that stuff is a big part of my life, but it’s not personal, and maybe you don’t care.

I do try to assign categories intelligently to my posts [not anymore!]. For instance, anything with Chicago photos is going to get a chicago-focus category. Anything with photos, period, will be flagged photo . In the past, most of my personal posts have probably been assigned to the ruminations category, but I overuse that one, and it includes my ramblings on non-personal subjects too.

So, a new category has been born, in which this is the inaugural post: personal. From now on, if you don’t care about Chicago (and want to break my heart! kidding.), you can just read those. Or even subscribe to just the personal category via RSS.

Anyway, hope this helps. And maybe I will try to post more interesting but non-compromising personal thoughts more often, since that seems to strike a chord. Like I need to spend more time on this thing…

Time to start drawing a bright line between unrelated content, a move I wasn’t ready to make 6 years ago. I hope you’ll follow me here for personal stuff, and start following Chicago Patterns for great writing and photos of Chicago.

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