why flying is fun

That’s an aerial view of South Shore, my neighborhood in Chicago. And a palpable example of the one really cool thing about flying, the views and the fun of trying to figure out what you’re looking at. I’ve created a Flickr set for these shots that I’ve been accumulating, and I’ll add to it periodically.

Here’s a view of Century City, Los Angeles, showing the hotel I had checked out of mere hours earlier on my last trip there. Easy enough for me to identify, having just been there.

But what about this conurbation? Sight unseen, I was able to figure out that it’s Vegas – and the tall buildings are the Strip.

The dramatic arid landforms of the southwest produce stark, almost abstract vistas from the air – like this, Glen Canyon in Arizona.

Sometimes flying provides a unique window on current events too, like the shot above of a mountain wildfire. The smoke plume blurred into miles of haze to the east.

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