House of the Day #80: 5505 S. Cornell

This stone house at 5505 S. Cornell was built in 1888. Surrounded now by larger buildings, it is an elegant throwback to the street’s less-dense, suburban past. It surfaces in the news a handful of times over the years. In 1902, the Kingsberry family advertised their need for a “respectable young man and wife” to help around the house. By 1908, it was the home of William Merriman, vice president of a construction concern. Merriman was injured in a late-night car crash in Hyde Park in November of that year. In 1912, the “Society and Entertainments” column notes that the Misses Kirkland, of this address, were guests of the Hawley family at Narragansett bay, Rhode Island. By 1963, the fortunes of the house had clearly declined; a classified ad listed 4 rooms for rent. Fortunately, today, it has been restored to fine condition, with the elaborate metalwork painted in dramatic red and black. It may be dwarfed by the buildings that sprouted up around it in later phases of Hyde Park’s development, but it holds its own with style.


  1. Hi Eric,

    My firm may be retained to sell the fabled Purple Hotel in Lincolnwood. In searching for photos, your flickr portfolio came up. Please let me know if we could possibly use a photo or two for some of our materials.

    I appreciate your historical commentary as I skimmed your other photos.

    I can be reached at 312-373-4377.

    Kind Regards,

    Steve Madura

    • Hi Steve,
      Provided that you are marketing the Purple Hotel for some kind of reuse rather than demolition, you are welcome to use my photos. I prefer to be credited as Eric Allix Rogers.

  2. nice looking house and nice wordpress :)